Avocado Oil

put 2 c apple juice in blender
add 2 cups cleaned baby spinach + 1 1/2 handfuls kale (no stems)
handful fresh mint, destemmed (about 2 long stalks worth)
2 T honey (or more if you want sweeter)
blend together
blend together
add 1 cup frozen berries
add 1 peeled orange (optional)
and any other fruit laying around
1-2 T oil (flax, avocado, coconut, grapeseed etc) (you can leave out the oil if you don’t want the extra fat)
blend, drink

Slice bulb of Fennel thin (I use a mandolin for this).

Drizzle olive oil (or Avocado Oil) over top.

Shred parmesan on top of that (one tsp. or more).

Top with fresh ground pepper.

by h2owayz