We are two moms who have organized a cooperative of local consumers in order to bring organic produce straight from local farms to our area. At the moment we have approximately 37 members. We began in January with 25 members and have been steadily growing. We would like as many members as we can accommodate in order to increase our buying power and also strengthen the local food movement. We want “fresh, clean and fair food” for our families and friends. Through our organization we are working to support local organic farms. We are working together with our members and local farmers to facilitate the sale of locally grown produce, eggs, dairy and meat. We also hope to promote the local food movement and encourage a return to slow food, and foster curiosity in where our food comes from.

*”Local Food” as defined by Wikipedia: Local food (also regional food or food patriotism) or the local food movement is a “collaborative effort to build more locally based, self-reliant food economies – one in which sustainable food production, processing, distribution, and consumption is integrated to enhance the economic, environmental and social health of a particular place”[1] and is considered to be a part of the broader sustainability movement. It is part of the concept of local purchasing and local economies, a preference to buy locally produced goods and services. Those who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food sometimes call themselves “localvores” or locavores.[2]

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